Wednesday, 29 February 2012

one problem with rear projection...image is in reverse! want my video to work from left to right so if back projecting continues need to reverse this while editing.


inside the Crate, so within darkness, projecting from the front and then behind black polyester shower curtain. also onto scratched perspex - interesting effect. split the film by allowing half image to project onto fabric that was closer and other half of projection onto Crate rear wall. stuck pegs onto hanging string and these were propelled by a battery fan to give further activity which may be viewed from front or rear.
would like to use 2 projectors to project one image...need to take out another projector.
rubber cord and glue arrived and two great pieces of perspex ready for cutting...hmm, always a challenge. need to buy some bolts and nuts. shall be building industrial looking frames, screens that abstractly connect to washing machine doors...may have to go looking for actual washing machine doors!

plan i   make an O ring with the cord and place between two layers   
of perspex. within the O ring have sea water. this will be a test for projecting through.
plan ii  test with sand.through and onto
plan iii test with lint. ''
plan iv test with cut up plastic ''
plan v  test with fabric ''

Plan a  use the perspex in long lengths to represent laboratory slides...could use acetate images onto this.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The next machine to sea video is done

Machine to sea ii from mandy beall on Vimeo.

Yahooooo! Tuesday 13th March I shall be using the filtration equipment to hunt for micro-plastics! Can't wait! Thank you Robyn and Vicky :)
Experimenting with projecting image from a monitor through layers of fabric.

Pale blue sheet dry and wet, on a washing line installation. Unsuccessful using monitor. Need to book a projector out and use this. Tried imaging through thicker towelling fabric. No image seen.

Wrapping black 100% polyester shower curtain around monitor, allowing folds and creases. Positioned on the floor. Quite interesting as the monitor is invisible and a small square of video is seen hovering just above floor level. Tomorrow shall test with sand. Used speakers today - good sound ... definitely required.

Added few more pages to text piece, referencing Dr Seuss, The Lorax and Rachel Carson, The Sense of Wonder. All quite depressing stuff really...what have we done?

"One stormy night when my nephew Roger was about twenty months old I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him down to the beach in the rainy darkness. Out there, just at the edge of where-we-couldn’t-see, big waves were thundering in, dimly seen white shapes that boomed and shouted and threw great handfuls of froth at us. Together we laughed for pure joy - he a baby meeting for the first time the wild tumult of Oceanus, I with the salt of half a lifetime of sea love in me. But I think we felt the same spine-tingling response to the vast, roaring ocean and the wild night around us." 
Rachel Carson,‘The Sense of Wonder’.
Response from artist Neville Gabie! Excellent, shall be in touch with him soon. Very exciting!
Re-editing video...the niggles are irritating me!

Documenting with neighbours on Friday and Saturday. Looking forward to what this will bring to the project.

Shall be considering a trip to the Eden Project. Would like to have an opportunity to talk with staff down there in the Education section on relevant matter.

Heading back to the studio shortly...rendering taking forever!

Monday, 27 February 2012

First edited video....seems to be some flicking at start...possible result of dropped frames...these need addressing. Also some delaying in sound to visual...hmm..seems strange. It's a start anyway.

sub/supra ii (machine to sea) from mandy beall on Vimeo.

Video editing going very well...hoping to upload shortly.
Pleased to have corrected my time from Pacific time to London!
Greatly disappointed to have missed Neville Gabie talk at Peninsual Arts this weekend. Really admire his work and very much wish to now visit the Antarctic!

Have written to Liz Wells, Curator of Landscapes of Exploration, Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University. to see whether there was any documentation of the talk - alas no.

Have emailed Mr Gabie in person to ask if I may have an opportunity to discuss his art practice whilst amongst a science based discipline, (in person or via e-mail). Fingers crossed...

Sunday, 26 February 2012

this week i shall be experimenting with projecting onto varying surfaces - sand, water, lint, clothing, chopped up plastic drinks bottles.

have ordered some rubber cord as i wish to build some screens out of perspex (more plastic!). shall experiment sandwiching between layers and projecting onto these and from behind these.

researching artists using science within their work. they seem to have massive budgets and excellent technical knowledge/support. hmmm...hopefully one day!
a trip to Cape Cornwall today. the view of the sea was breathtaking. it's hard to believe such beauty could be so contaminated with this blasted plastic. 

'making physical that which is there but not seen' Montag, D. (2010:44)

Wilson, S. Art and Science Now, Thames & Hudson Inc.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

'In the twenty-first century, some of the most dynamic works of art are being produced not in the studio but in the laboratory, where artists probe cultural, philosophical and social questions connected with cutting-edge scientific and technological research...taking in everything from eugenics and climate change to artificial intelligence.' Wilson, S. 2010.
neighbour responses coming in! this is good...

Friday, 24 February 2012

down the line.

incoming tide

from washing machine to the sea
busy day in the office crate today.

confirmation on next marine science lab visit - excellent, 13 March.

letter to marine science students (i) posted out, see below.

letter to neighbours (ii) composed and to be delivered this evening with responses requested for next wednesday, see below.


Hello Scientists!

My name is Mandy and I am currently a 3rd Year Fine Art BA (Hons) Student with Plymouth University. I am looking into crossing boundaries and gathering visual material in Environmental/Ecological Marine Science. I work predominantly in time based medium, so video and also installation. 
My current work, titled sub/supra ii, has been inspired by your research into ‘microplastics’ within our seas and its connection with the domestic washing machine. 
Would any of you be interested in meeting and assisting me in capturing images of the sand samples I have taken from Downderry beach, Cornwall. Ironically, I am hoping to find evidence of these microplastics and then to take them into my work with a view to possibly using them in my Fine Art Degree Show, June 2012. You will of course be given credit for this should the material be used, I will thank you for your time anyway.
I opened a blog this week so please feel free to take a look to gain a further understanding of my practice. 
Please feel free to take a look at my website also. 
I look forward to hearing from you.
Very best wishes

Dear Neighbours of ( ),
I hope you are all well?
Some of you may be aware that for the past 3 years I have been studying my BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art at Plymouth University. I am now in the closing months leading up to my final Degree Show.
I am writing to you now as I was wondering if you may be interested in taking part within my work?
Some scientists believe tiny fibres of plastic, ‘microplastics’, are floating around in our seas. Research suggests that these tiny fibres are not only a result of biodegradeable plastics breaking down but possibly a result of the laundering of our clothes in domestic washing machines. The machine waste water is carried out to our seas through sewage outlets. It is suggested that these microplastics may be a result of manmade fabric fibres, polymers, that we are all possibly wearing within our daily lives: nylon, polyester and acrylic are just a small example, and all of which may be found in sportswear, thermal clothing and clothing in general. Remember the media coverage of ‘fleeces being made from plastic recycled bottles’ in the 1990’s? It is believed that from a single wash in a machine, of 1 fleece top, 1900 fibres came away. Scientists concerns are that these tiny fibres, containing toxins, may be entering the marine foodchain. The worm eats the microplastic, the fish eats the worm, then we eat the fish. 
Now let me tell you where you could come in. My work is currently titled sub/supra ii, don’t shoot the messenger. I am interested in the connection of the domestic washing machine to the sewage outlet (I am looking at Downderry’s at this time). My work is predominantly video/installation. Documentation takes place in two locations - Downderry beach and the home.  I have been documenting our washing machine in action using video. Capturing sounds and snippets of conversations whilst the washing machine is in action has interested me; we live our lives, the machines washes, the sewage pipe takes the waste water containing plastic to the sea. Everything and everybody plays a part, hence, don’t shoot the messenger.
What I would like to do is to be able to document your washing machine/lives ‘in action’ for just 12 mins. It would be a case of me dropping in at your convenience, taking a few minutes to set up the video camera (this is set looking directly at the machine) - switching on - leaving you and your washing machine - then returning once recording is completed - pack up and away I go. It is likely this will be shown at the 2012 Degree Show, so the public will see it - I will not be giving away your identification, however. 
My intention with this work is to share a message to those that will take part within and, also those that will see my work. However I fear it is a message that resembles shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. I cannot see how we as individuals can contribute to preventing this. Maybe this could be something you could discuss while the video, with microphone, is running? Of course, you are welcome to leave the washing machine to be the main star of the video! You do not need to be recorded in any way if you do not wish.
I have enclosed a reply slip and self addressed envelope. If you could fill this in before Wednesday 29th Feb, then pop it through my door (Number  * ) that would be great. It would be lovely to have you on board but there is no pressure to take part so please don’t feel obliged. You will still be valued as a neighbour and very welcome to attend the Show in June!
Thank you for your time,
With very best wishes,

Now time to put the kettle on and digest Art and Science by Sian Ede, (2005), IB Tauris & Co Ltd.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

launch day!

sub/supra ii 

i am working with science. i am working with ecological issues. i am working as an artist. i am working as an artist. i am working as an artist....

fact: i am covering an ecological issue covering the identification of polymer fibres entering the sea through sewage outlets. the sewage outlet is a contributing factor. don’t shoot the messenger. 

i am on a journey. a conscious journey and also a sub conscious journey. i am a traveller with this work. i am an adventurer. i am seeking to know more. to see more. to discover more. to witness. to investigate. to question. to interpret. to translate. to create. to tell.