Monday, 29 July 2013

We headed out today as it really was quite wet last night! Caught the tide at high tide, in fact it started going out while we were there. Alarming to find the following objects washed up in such a small stretch of beach, no more than half a mile and with no more than a width of 5 metres. There were many bags, bottles and much more rope and string to be had but I guess I was being selective today.

Inventory list for 29th July 2013
Downderry beach, Cornwall
Foragers Mandy, Jack, Will, Eliza and Polly

child's spade, broken blade
extension pole with boathook
pot noodle pot
child's rake
2x fish fishing lures, one with triple hook
small adult/child? scuba mask
penny arcade coin pot
XL size cube hanger tag
3x bottle lids
empty fishing line reel
child's bucket handle
chicken tikka masala ready meal lid from supermarket, use by date 27 July
nautical rope
nautical string
ice drink straw
child's bubble blowing ring
plant label, Bacopa
yellow tape
balloon ribbon
cream cheese container (no lid)
fragment of brown plastic flower pot
5x random plastic fragments, blues and yellows
disc with hole in centre
unknown mushroom shaped thing!

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