Thursday, 7 November 2013

On this occasion Jacqui was drawn to the smaller fragments of colour, so it has been great to see what we collected between us.

October 2013
Seaton Beach
Beach foragers Mandy and Jacqui

1 stickle brick, red, rectangle
1 section of frisby, red
1 handle, red
1 teaspoon, plastic, white
10 lids, soft drinks, milk, glue, water, red, green, grey, blue,      clear
nautical string, green
'scoobies', orange, purple, green, blue
deflated balloon, green
toy car bonnet only, white, plastic, 'Kinder' chocolate egg toy?
flower pot segment, brown
8 straws/lolly sticks, blue, lilac, green, red
1 broken strimmer blade, white
flip flop section, blue/black
2 plastic discs with holes, black and white
plastic coated bamboo stick from child's shrimp net, blue
fragment of bucket, black
hose assembly tag to BS6391 
flipper, blue from lego
tag pulls, blue, black, clear
section of a sign, blue/white

Seeing as all this colour is entering the sea it feels only appropriate to represent it, as supposed to the image being black and white. (Apologies for blurry image...need my morning coffee!)

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