Thursday, 15 March 2012

So far much experimenting and research have taken place throughout this module. A book, a blog, sound, video and social interaction have all been created and worked on throughout. They each support each other and are valuable to the work in constant process. I am not a one trick pony. I have felt very satisfied with the amount of energy and testings that have continuously developed. To have finally accessed the facilities at the Marine Biology Lab. have fulfilled, as always predicted, a further stimulus. Throughout the journey I have learnt a great deal about the subject matter, how it relates to me on a personal level and the effects of this on many conscious levels - from believing in it, disbelieving in it, to then needing to fight for it. And to fight for those who are recognising and acknowledging it. This stuff matters and it is my intention to promote this research that scientists/marine biologists are revealing. Funding is poor in this field and greater awareness and action needs to occur. I wish for my generations after me, that I am responsible for, to live in a beautiful world, as I am currently living in...such a shame humans let it down. 

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