Monday, 21 May 2012

Quick update. 

Video projection within a more open space - excuse the rear clutter! This work standing alone holds a statuesque presence. There is a modest calmness to the work. Elegance. There is no sound now, purely visual. To incorporate sound within a mixed medium exhibition is incredibly difficult, but also the visual speaks for itself. If I am able to have the work presented in this way then I will be really delighted. I need to really push for a suitable location. The tutor I need to discuss this further with is normally in on a Tuesday so I shall head into the studio tomorrow  and try and have this finalised - then perhaps I will be able to sleep at night!

In the meantime, keep dosing up with Xtra strength Lemsip, a hot steamy bath and then back to working on the evaluation, ready for assessment at the beginning of June.

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