Sunday, 10 June 2012

I have been further considering the idea of MA study, and questioning, what were the higher points of my degree study? After some consideration I feel the answer to this has been the research (through lectures, reading, documentaries, related talks) and questioning, and the opportunity to think. I am a thinker, observer and a questioner, as I discovered while writing my Dissertation, Critical Commentary. Translating/interpreting these thoughts into art has been interesting but has sat slightly lower in interest than the research. 

I have often wished for a greater background in anthropology. It is anthropology that I am now considering advancing into. 

Where to study? Goldsmiths offer a couple of courses in this field - interestingly Visual Anthropology which practices predominately in video.  They also offer Anthropology and Cultural Politics which sounds really interesting. Although I imagine highly competitive to get into, if I were successful, perhaps the part time option  may be a possibility. I am of course considering this for sometime in the future when the children are off doing their own things! The crutial thing is that I continue reading and keep up with my filming and editing skills.

Bristol also offers Social Anthropology which again looks so interesting.

Hmmm, food for thought!

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