Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tomorrow is the final day of the show and the work will then be taken down.

I have felt unbalanced during the past week - I seem to have lost my bearings, I can no longer detect north. This has surprised me greatly but a good friend warned me this could happen; recognising this is the key.

I made some curtains this weekend for our lounge, we want to put our house on the market and move to Devon, but the process of making the curtains bored me intensely. I am struggling to grasp the life I pursued before. The weather is not helping...rain, rain and more rain. Everything feels damp and appears grey.

It is however, wonderful to be with my husband and three children again and to not have my degree dominating our time.

My brother and his wife visited my work, as did my parents. Having that support cannot be expressed in words. I am most grateful.

I now have to look forward. I am excited by this though intimidated. Time has been spent with some very special people and I don't think I have realised how big a role they have played. Perhaps this is impinging on me now. This is how my life has always been...a constant flow of chapters...or perhaps books. Each book contains different circumstances and different two books come together. This book could be closing but that is my choice...I am tired of closing books and starting again...perhaps this book will remain open for a little longer.

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  1. Congratulations on a wonderfully executed degree show installation.
    A powerful message presented in a mesmerising fashion, the more I looked into the plinth projection the more I saw. It is a rare piece of film that has the ability to stop people in their tracks, demand and actually receive their attention, this is one such piece.
    I greatly look forward to your next project, while I urge anyone who has not yet seen your work to log on!!
    Fantastically well done and congratulations once again!!