Monday, 30 April 2012

Able to clear Crate space straight away - removed the stand from the TV monitor and lay the monitor on the floor in a prone position. After imagining how it would look I was somewhat disappointed with the outcome. Removed it from the Crate space but again it didn't seem to work, (need to photograph this for documentation).The image has far more impact in a vertical position. Experimented further with the pipe with purely sound and no sand/postcards - fails to carry the impact that the video carries. The video will be the work that will be shown at the Degree Exhibition. Met with DR (main tutor), positive tutorial and great feedback. Main focus now needs to be

  • to focus on the presentation of the work
  • consider an alternative to the black..use a white frame to test this.
  • speak to ST ref exhibition space    Done
Tutorial scheduled for next Tuesday.

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